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Toss The Turtle

Have you ever heard about the addicting Game “toss the Turtle”? If yes, then you should bookmark our site as this one will become your favorite game from the chosen ones. If no, then here you get 1 piece of cannon and 1 piece of a to start in order to get dozen of upgrades and dozens of pieces. Are you interested?




Then let’s move on and start playing this game. distance You can comment and share your higher scores which can be beaten at anytime from anywhere by any player. If you wish to become the master and expert in the scores then help to become a real astronaut. How to do this- well, the goal is simple but the way towards it is a little bit complicated. You should start straining in a wide range of different ways and make blasting turtles out of ordinary ones. Flying is not the skill available to only birds, if you do have a strong heart then this goal can be achieved through a vast array of ways. You just need to turn on your strategic and concentration skills in order not to get online in the world of blasting bombs and turtles. To say in a few words, you need to shoot a online out of a cannon as far as possible. But apart from ordinary bombs, you can manage the flight of your little commander and get more bonuses or even baskets full of money. Distance You are also able to use bombs and some kinds of particular jetpacks to shoot your little friend, distance collect cash and get the right to deserve the improved equipment online
Community and sharing


Our site is always oriented on the visitor and that is why it delivers the most fresh and beloved online shooting game Toss the online for an audience of millions. Of course, the fun continues. With hundreds of daily players you can see the experts in scores and try to reach them in the daily or monthly results. I assure you that our site will become the best place to play the beloved and already well-known game Toss the distance online. The challenging online art in the Game is made By Gonzo, so thank him for such a great masterpiece.  If you want to embed our favorite game toss the online on your blog, facebook page and beyond, feel free to  use the codes , of course, if they are available for free. If you are not allowed to do this kind of thing, toss then check on your site back often as we always update our little online nest. Also, if you are interested in hosting this game, then contact us distance

Toss the Turtle Game Management:

Online toss flash games in the genre of shooting reach over twelve million unique users every month  and this result comes from sites which have from one up to 5 games in a row for online visitors. This game style continues developing and distributing innovative ways in order to addict more and more games. After you hit the start button on the screenplay, click on instructions to see how to play Toss the Turtle. toss In some version, the playing instruction with control keys appear immediately distance.




Use the following control keys:


A computer mouse  serves to aim and shoot;

Use arrow keys to manage the turtle flight or press W, a, s, d keys to manage a turtle during the  flight


Start playing Toss the Turtle

In the beginning of a game, you online are launching the main hero- a turtle from a black cannon. As the online flies, aim a gun on it or buy some improvement to reach the highest distance as possible and get the further flight result.  For each distance covered, you get certain money and points to go to shop and buy new guns or weapon. For example, if your distance flight distance is 7 inches, distance probably you will get 7 dollars. After covering a certain distance, the turtle is bleeding so be aware of some brutal scenes of violence. Anyway, distance the game Toss the hacked online is in shooting genre so you should be adapted to such scenes where blood plays the main horror role.

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About Toss the Turtle Game

I should mention that Toss The hacked distance is not the only distance game in its genre, there are many others you can enjoy, for example, hedgehog Launch and Learn to Fly. Anyway, if you are more a battle fighter, then cannons from which we fire the turtle play a really important addicting role in spreading the popularity of the game. Are you interested in getting the higher scores? Then fire the turtle and see how many points you get. With the concept, the game will conquer your heart. The battle soul wakes up with the dramatic or epic music and nice cartoon graphics. So, if  here are some features that distinguish the game from others:

  • The process of tossing the turtle distance in the air depends on your mouse and aiming abilities.
  • The distance you cover is full of certain obstacles that might make your track a bit dirty and your tirtle-bloody
  • Special bonuses include money bags that can be found in the air
  • After buying each upgrade, you are notified with a small icon in the left corner of toss the turtle screenplay
  • The scenery or so called background constantly changes thus providing a different landscape for your entertainment
  • In order to get higher scores, use the jet pack which on the other hand, costs a lot of money in the shop
  • The shop where you can buy upgrades has lots of guns to choose from


So, distance this free online shooting game offers you a gallery of action packed turtles where you have to get certain coins for improving the gun and run the turtle further. Our site will make a trigger happy gamer from you and provide the latest releases of Toss the turtle which already has 3 sequence

Click and hold to gain power, release to fire
Use the WASD keys to control the turtle in flight
Click with your mouse to shoot the turtle.

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