Toss the Turtle 2

If you are looking for a unique flash game, Toss the Turtle 2 is the best one around. Like the title says, you just have to toss a turtle as far as you can. If you reach an impressive distance, you will receive extra points and you can start upgrading your tossing tools.

At first, you will have a small canon and a simple sling-shot. You have to click and hold the left mouse button and a power bar will start moving. When you have enough power, you can release the button and the turtle will start its flight. You can use the WASD keys to make minor adjustments. This might be helpful when the turtle starts slowing down. It will keep on bouncing off the ground for a while until it doesn’t have enough momentum to go on or until it gets stuck in some spikes. You have to use your secondary weapon and shoot the turtle if you see it anywhere near an obstacle. Not everything you see on the ground will slow your turtle down. In fact, most of the creatures running around will help your turtle gain speed. Toss the Turtle 2 is a very entertaining game and you will enjoy upgrading your weapons between levels. By the end of the game the turtle will fly thousands of miles and it might even leave earth’s atmosphere.

Toss the Turtle 2 is not all about getting the right power and angle of the throw. It is also about making the necessary adjustments along the way.

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