Toss The Turtle Hacked

Toss the turtle is very addicting online game where you kick fire your turtle out of a cannon to throw him as far as you can.Toss the turtle Hacked  is very addicting and you must be mindful because otherwise you can easily spend hours playing without even realizing it.After your first fly its time to move on and get yourself upgrade to better your distance to go more far.You also played same game like this before such as shopping cart hero but this is quite improved and elegant.

Toss the Turtle Hacked

Many games are following the concept of flying games such as learn to fly 2, shopping cart hero,hedgehog launch and more.Toss the turtle game has been sponsored by the big names such as and and both sites are happy to get visits for this game at their websites.

Toss the Turtle hacked Graphics and Music

So let’s talk about the game.One thing is that the survival of the turtle is at stake.First time you play this game it seems like a feelings of old retro style games resembles from the games of 80’s.But once it gets loaded you will get the turtle cartoon character to follow up the instruction in a strange fashion.When you are ready to play the game you see the messed up turtle using the computer and giving the funny message about the game ‘Don’t kill yourself! take breaks this game auto saves!’ and another important message down their ‘Buy every item….!’ is to upgrade and then throw the turtle as far as possible.

How to play toss the the turtle

When the game starts and you been following up with the movie action kind of music and awesome cartoon graphics.Then you need to make focus on the cannon to adjust the right angle and the speed by holding your left mouse key and it begin’s to toss the turtle in to the air and release the key at your desirable cannon angle and speed to throw the turtle far as possible.

After releasing the turtle from the cannon you need to guide him with the keys W,A and D and you will be equally treated and punished by many obstacles and helping aids in you way,all you need is to get your turtle as far as possible by guiding him right.You can get obstacles like barrier of spikes (which are also very hurtful) and will turn you turtle in a bloody chaos and on the other hand you will be greeted by the aids which are machine gun fires and chemical bombs that can boost the turtle further.

Toss the turtle Upgrades

Rock Pack is one of my first upgrade from the shop when i go for the second attempt at tossing for the turtle,because in the second attempt i get enough money to get it.Just click on the bottom left corner after buying the upgrade and then click on the icon and it will be automatically prompt during the toss.By this upgrade you can easily reach over 10 thousand feet height (which is not a bad start) to earn some more money for other upgrades ahead.The good thing i have seen in this game and also which make’s this game different from other’s is you will get regular change of the scenery in every round so the player won’t get bored by just playing on just one mural.Now get back to the upgrades as i am ready to go for my second upgrade from the shop which is ‘gun upgrade’.This is another good thing in the game is you can upgrade guns too instead of upgrading cannon’s every time.The simple is the more power full is your gun the more further you can fly.

When you keep on practicing with tossing the turtle you can get the decent flight into the air.The weird thing i have seen in the game is the hurdles of the spikes that splashes the turtle and the chemical bomb which explodes and tosses you high in the air and bomb blazes sets you on fire.Its also good to hit the bags of money in your way as a ‘treat’ for yourself because it helps you to gather $$$ for your upgrades but please be careful of the throng birds which can slow down your speed and you ain’t able to cover the good distance.Now its time to spend some $$$ which you have gathered from tossing the turtle so now i will go for daddy of mid flight boosters ‘the jetpack upgrade’ and after that upgrade you can go for the more upgrades quickly.So Its time to move on and keep playing toss the turtle at

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Click and hold to gain power, release to fire
Use the WASD keys to control the turtle in flight
Click with your mouse to shoot the turtle

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